About Us

How it all started

My inspiration to launch this company comes from our rich heritage, a town called Bacolod, a tiny island in the Philippines.

Bacolod is mainly called the “sugarland” because of its sugarcane industry. But what really put Bacolod on the map as a food destination is the beloved chicken inasal. If Singapore has their chicken rice, Bacolod has their chicken inasal. Everywhere you go, you will see stalls after stalls claiming to have the best tasting chicken inasal. The government even allotted an area for all chicken inasal vendors to showcase their dish, which became Bacolod’s famous Manokan Country. 

My last visit to my hometown was spent trying almost all the stalls that were selling inasal. The whole experience was to rediscover, capture and sum up all the flavors of the best-tasting chicken inasal, which lead me to create my own unique recipe with fine quality ingredients that are locally sourced. 

“Making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity." - Charles Mingus


Our Mission

At KombeeNation, we aim to make cooking at home simple, easy, healthy and delicious. With our products, we hope to save people time and energy from preparing meals every day and bring back the joy of cooking and eating delicious food that’s reminiscent of home. It is also our goal to share delicious Filipino food to the world and bring the island taste to US shores. 


Our goal is to make the complicated things simple.
Through food, we share our heritage to the future generations.
Through food, we remember where we come from.
Through food, we bring warmth and a sense of family and community.
Through food, we reminisce old times, past memories, happy childhood, family times.
Through our food, we celebrate our ancestors.
Through food, we commemorate our rich heritage.